OOO Spotlight: Corbin Cloward

OOO Spotlight: Corbin Cloward

Finding an optimal work-life balance is an important feature of the Firewood Marketing culture. Outside of the office, Firewoodians take on many roles. They are proud moms, dads, sons, daughters, volunteers, musicians, athletes, and entrepreneurs. One such entrepreneur is a member of Firewood’s creative team, Corbin Cloward.

When not busy as a Senior Copywriter at Firewood Marketing, Corbin is co-owner of Frankie Baby, a West Coast paper company. The story of Frankie Baby starts at The Gap, where he met his wife, Lizzie, while part of the internal marketing team. The inspiration for their company came from Lizzie’s passion for the greeting card industry. In fact, it’s what inspired her to initially become a graphic designer. It was a natural outcome to pair her illustration skills and passion with Corbin’s writing—plus their shared marketing experience—to launch their online business. And when it came to branding, they only needed to look to a loved one—their cat Frankie.







      Frankie Baby creates fun, bright greeting cards and prints. Corbin and Lizzie make all of their cards and art prints with soy ink on recycled paper in San Francisco’s Mission District. And their risograph printing technique gives each card a distinctly handmade look—no two are quite alike. They feel that these tiny variations in the process make each piece uniquely perfect.

When asked for his advice for those thinking about starting their own business, here’s Corbin’s reply: “My biggest piece of advice is muster all of your patience. Hone it, master it—you’ll need it. But don’t forget to have fun. It’s easy to get caught up in the nuts and bolts of getting things off the ground. Remember why you’re tackling the seemingly impossible. And be sure to have a beer, or some Lambrusco, to celebrate each and every victory.”







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