Do what you love like it’s your job

We believe a job shouldn’t feel like work—that professional fulfillment flourishes when talented people come together to create incredible things.

Our job is to make your life more fulfilling

Picture a place built around your well-being. Where office politics and 80-hour weeks just isn’t a thing. Add a lot of kindness, set it in a fun, flexible environment, and you’ve got a hint of how we operate. Your happiness is serious business, so we offer a suite of perks and benefits that let you live the dream every day.


Now, about those benefits

Professional fulfillment is only the beginning. There are perks, large and small, to working with us, no matter which of our offices you work from. Here’s how we create an environment that feels a lot like home.

Fully paid health insurance

Yes, you read that right. We pick up the full premium for medical, dental, and vision for you and all of your covered dependents. Not a penny comes out of your paycheck.


From seminars and health coaching to group classes and fitness challenges, Firewood’s wellness offerings are customized with employee input in mind.

A true sense of camaraderie. Also swag.

Paid maternity and paternity leave

You can spend time with your new baby free from work disruptions. Just be prepared to take and share plenty of pics of your pride and joy.

Group life insurance

Plus additional voluntary life in the US.

Long Term Disability

For life’s unexpected turns.

Employee referral bonus plan

Bring great talent to Firewood, and you’ll receive a nice bonus.

401(k) / Pension matching

Our match is fully vested from the get-go.

Generous paid time off (PTO) / Vacation policy

We believe in a true work-life balance for all employees. When you’re off, you’re off. Instead of constantly checking emails, we expect you to disconnect, relax, and enjoy life. Of course, we have a good number of holidays, too. And we also have sick days.

Generous company HRA contributions

When you sign up for our medical and dental benefits, Firewood contributes generously through Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs). If you stay in-network, your healthcare is practically free.

Training & education programs

We care that you stay abreast of the latest and greatest trends, technical improvements, software applications, or anything else that can enhance your job performance—and help you advance in your career.

Community involvement opportunities

We give back to the community through year-round programs that support local nonprofit organizations. Everyone at Firewood participates in our Season of Giving program by nominating charities that merit support. Employees also get involved with events that raise money for worthy causes.

Tax-saving opportunities

We offer additional plans that can help you save, like a dependent care account, and commuter benefits in the US. In Europe, we have bike-to-work and commuter programs.

Pet insurance (US)

We take care of your furry family members too–with fully paid pet insurance for your favorite four-legged companion (or two legs if you have a bird).

Despensa vouchers in Mexico

and fuel bonus.

Benefits vary by country. These represent our US offerings, but we provide competitive benefits in all locations.

Humans only

The secret to our success? Respect and humanity. We are an inclusive company that considers humility our most important non-negotiable. Good at your job? Great. Stellar human being? Let’s talk.

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