Happy Pride

Good People Are Good Business

We all want success, whether in our careers, with our families, or in our weird hobbies (shout out to the soap carvers of the world). Of course, everyone’s definition of success is slightly different. For traditionalists, it’s being the biggest, the richest, the most praised. But we’ve always believed those are somewhat facile metrics. A more nuanced and thoughtful definition entails doing something you love, doing it well, and being humble enough to acknowledge those who helped you along the way. That’s certainly the definition that fits Firewood Marketing. Launched in a tiny office tucked behind a Glen Ellen wine-tasting room in Sonoma County, Firewood is now a global agency with seven offices in four countries. We recently hired our 300th employee. That sounds a lot like traditional success (and perhaps it is), but we believe the real accomplishment has been proving that a thriving business can be built on principle.

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