The Creative Cookie Challenge


Some traditions are easy. They just kinda happen—like wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day, lighting a menorah candle at Hanukkah, or finding yourself lost, dressed in non-breathable PJs at the end of SantaCon.

Other traditions take a bit more planning and forethought. Things like Thanksgiving dinner, family reunions, and weddings. 

Well, our annual holiday cookie decorating celebration at the San Francisco home office lies somewhere in the middle. It seems simple enough—people drop in, decorate a cookie, and disappear back into an endless stream of meetings. 

But it’s actually not that easy to organize. You need to commandeer a meeting room for an afternoon (this alone is a miracle); procure a wide variety of decorative toppings, colorful icings, and a box of tools for dextrous designing; and on and on. Oh, and someone has to get the actual cookies. 

The point is, every year it almost doesn’t happen. And then, when it does (thanks, team!), we all get together and have a blast. This year was no different. 

Take a peek at our creative colleagues’ cookie creations.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

What happens when you mix winter and Firewood? According to these artists, one word: calamity.

Global warming (melted Frosty the Snowman)

by Giovanna O’Grady

Scared Frosty

by Kylie Patterson

Clearest Example of Team Collaboration

Creative breakfast

by the YouTube Creative Crew (Morgan McIlwain, Joanna Volger, Regina Mullen, Erik Gonzalez)


The YouTube team is so busy they never know what time it is…or what meal.

Most Artistic Effort Involved

[Our group creative director] Al, when debating en dash vs. em dash

by Regina Mullen 

This is disqualified for being too danged good. Sheesh, Regina, way to make the rest of us feel inadequate.

Most Pun-ny

It’s raining men

by Stacie Katz

We always suspected that song ended badly. Gravity always wins. Here lie the men who came when called. May their commitment to the cause never be forgotten. Hallelujah.

Most Three-dimensional/Real-life

Nakatomi Plaza

by Jae Hong

“Yippee ki yay…!” (and, well, you know the rest….)

Most Celebratory

Baby you’re a firework

by Meaghan Tiernan

Is Katy Perry still a thing? For a firework like Meaghan Tiernan the answer will always be, “Yes!” Let’s hope 2020 isn’t quite this complicated.


by Kyle Kemp

No cookie can be as sweet as [our creative ops manager] Joe. Or as photogenic.

Thanks to everyone who participated and an extra special thanks to the team who put this all together. Traditions just wouldn’t be traditions without you.

Happy holidays, y’all, and happy new year. And nice freakin’ cookie, Regina. Sheesh.