A Time for Giving

When we founded Firewood in 2011, we promised that we wouldn’t define success strictly by how we helped our clients, but also by how we helped our community. Working in San Francisco, we see those in need every day—and know that there’s an opportunity to make a lasting impact. That’s why each holiday season we ask our employees to nominate local charities for our annual charitable donation. This year, our continued success has allowed us to give back more than we ever have before. We’re proud to say that we will be contributing $10,000 each to five different charities for a total of $50,000.

Read more about the charities that we donated to this year or click hereto get involved.

1. Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation

The Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation (LDSF) supports people with Loeys-Dietz syndrome, a hereditary disease that affects the heart and sometimes the brain. This charity hits particularly close to home because earlier this year one of our designers, Cathleen Nilles, succumbed to the disease at age 26 after a courageous battle. The mission of LDSF is to encourage education about Loeys-Dietz syndrome and related connective tissue disorders in order to aid in the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of Loeys-Dietz syndrome. Donate

2.  Community Housing Partnership

The Community Housing Partnership helps homeless people secure housing and become self-sufficient. By providing high-quality housing and delivering comprehensive services, they empower formerly homeless individuals and families to rebuild their lives. Donate

3. Food Runners

Each day, thousands of pounds of food are wasted at restaurants around the Bay Area. Nearly 30 years ago, Mary Risley founded Food Runners to prevent food waste and deliver food that would otherwise be thrown away to hungry families. Her organization now delivers over 15 tons of food every week, providing 5,000 meals a day. Donate

4. Lava Mae

Lava Mae repurposes retired transportation buses into showers and toilets on wheels to deliver hygiene and restore dignity among homeless people in San Francisco and beyond. It was started by private citizens who believe that access to showers and sanitation should be a basic human right—not a luxury. Donate

5. Planned Parenthood San Francisco

Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit organization that provides reproductive health services. For over 100 years, millions of people around the world have counted on them to be a healthcare provider, an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner helping similar organizations around the world. Donate

Happy Holidays,

Juan & Lanya Zambrano