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Where in the World Is Mamou Kilambi?

Before starting at Firewood Marketing, one of the most important qualities that I looked for in a job was work-life balance. Traveling has always been a huge part of my life, so wherever my career as a social media manager has taken me, I’ve made sure that I was able to have moments when I could travel the world. Recently, I took advantage of Firewood’s generous PTO program to do just that. See if you can guess what city I went to by checking out some of the cool places I enjoyed.

Congo Square

I’m Congolese, so one of the first things that I did was visit this important location. A gathering place since the 18th century, Congo Square was an open space for slaves and freed black people to gather, play music, dance, and celebrate.

Natchez Jazz Brunch Cruise

To observe the sights and take in the views, I hopped on a brunch cruise. The cuisine—fried fish, shrimp and grits, and gumbo—was authentic to the city I was visiting, and the scenery was breathtaking. We rode along the Mississippi River, were serenaded with live jazz, and enjoyed all of the vibrant parts of the city from a steamboat.

Cafe Du Monde

I couldn’t come here without trying one of the things that the city’s most famous for: beignets. The French colonists of the 18th century brought the recipe and custom of making beignets to this city. The restaurant that we went to, Cafe Du Monde, was established in 1862 and its original location still stands in the same spot today.

So where in the world was I? You guessed it. I went to NOLA, baby!

New Orleans was an amazing experience. The culture is so vibrant, the people are super friendly, and the weather was everything I could’ve asked for. As we learned in our most recent blog post, taking time off to relax and unwind isn’t only beneficial for your health, but it can also result in higher productivity at work. This vacation not only had me feeling refreshed, it also charged my creative battery back up, which is extremely important in the work I do in social media.

Stay tuned as we travel around the world with other Firewoodians and try to guess where they went.

This vacation not only had me feeling refreshed, it also charged my creative battery back up.