It’s Always 5 O’clock Somewhere

Strategy. Creative. Digital Production. The integrated agency plays a different game. We’re winning at customer engagement. Here’s how.

It’s Friday afternoon and the weekend is in sight. You’re wrapping up the week by meeting with your paid media agency to finalize a new campaign which is set to go live Monday. Your creative materials are in, and they’re beautiful. They’re always beautiful. But, unfortunately, you discover now that nothing is launching Monday; the dimensions on your new assets don’t align with the advertising channel specifications you’ll be using. Your media agency and your creative agency weren’t talking. Again.

Now, the fix should be simple, but your creative agency is two time zones away and their weekend has already started—hey, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. The media agency can’t fix it, because they don’t have the in-house skills to handle creative. You want pixel-perfect work? That’s not something you rush through with resources who say, “I’ve always been meaning to learn Illustrator…”

It’s like this, multiplied by the thousand different ways this scenario usually plays out. And we just don’t think this sets up your business for success.

Mapping the What-Ifs

What if your paid media and your creative teams not only met together on day one to plan every detail of your campaign, but they continued to work side by side throughout the launch? What if simple yet important details conveyed at the start of a project are carried through to execution? What if alignment is assured, because your media and creative talent interact as a single team?

What if you used an integrated agency? Integration is the DNA of Firewood Marketing, because we believe deeply in the power of what it does. The integrated agency delivers all the resources and knowledge-sharing you need to deploy strategically sound, visually beautiful, highly optimized marketing campaigns that play in a different league from the boilerplate campaign templates most digital agencies use.

What’s the difference? It’s simple. We aren’t creative focused. We aren’t campaign focused. We are acquisition-focused. We understand what a campaign means for your business. We understand the drivers and the goals—largely because we’ve spent the last decade learning how to set sophisticated goals across all types of SEM and display accounts and then crushing those goals with the in-house skills and experiences we’ve amassed. That doesn’t happen on accident, and it doesn’t happen from optimizers working in silos. It happens when the program is designed with a unified focus—when it’s collaborative and aligned. Creative. Execution. A single team. Your team.

We aren’t creative focused. We aren’t campaign focused. We are acquisition-focused.

Firewood Marketing is an integrated agency composed of experienced digital natives—from producers and designers to highly seasoned strategists and analysts. We work with Fortune 500 companies, disruptive startups, and everyone in between. Our alignment makes us scrappy and agile, but more than anything, it makes us excellent. Your Friday afternoon meetings with us don’t end in misproduced assets that scramble the weekend and jeopardize your launch goals.

If all this sounds like good news, then pour yourself a pint and come join us at the bar. Hey, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere. We’re celebrating, because we just delivered another stellar week for our clients. You should join us.

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