Google Cloud Lead Generation and Nurturing


Customer acquisition marketing via direct mail and email campaigns

Back to the future: Using direct mail campaigns to engage technology executives

It all started with what seemed like a somewhat wild, retro idea in 2016: What if we sent senior-level business and technology executives a direct mail package to encourage them to speak with a Google Cloud representative? Firewood set to work and developed what became known as the high potential (HiPo) campaign. Since then, the program has been implemented in over 30 countries, generated over 100K leads, and enjoyed double-digit response rates from prospects in every country it’s been launched in.

To capitalize on the phenomenal response rates, Firewood drew on its experience with Google Cloud to create an email nurture campaign designed to engage prospects. The campaign also encouraged prospects to visit a gated site that asks for general information about their interests and needs. The site then offers content curated to reflect that input, explaining the benefits of the cloud and how prospects can use it to modernize their IT infrastructure and transform their businesses.