Google Pride 2018


A fully integrated global campaign, including website design and content, banner ads, social partnerships and influencer strategy, posts and user generated content, print advertising, launch events, campaign swag, physical activations, and parade float design.

Google Pride 2018: A campaign built for everyone

In celebration of nontraditional and chosen families, we partnered with Google to amplify the voices of LGBTQ+ families around the world with our 2018 Pride campaign, #ThisIsFamily.

#ThisIsFamily challenged traditional views and promoted a broader definition of family. The campaign was a creative embodiment of one of Google’s most admirable brand pillars: “Build for everyone.” Instead of “rainbow washing” their messaging, we leveraged the brand to expand conversations on inclusivity and intersectionality—bravely acknowledging the ongoing struggle for equality.

From T-shirts and full-scale parade floats to social media content and stickers, the campaign spanned multiple platforms and six languages, focused on creating a sense of belonging and community, and sought to redefine what it means to be connected.

Within eight weeks, the campaign generated 2.5M video views, 833K site visits, and 600K social interactions. Shortly after its publication, a carousel post featuring photos from the weekend’s Pride event became Google’s highest-performing Instagram post at the time.

Our work on #ThisIsFamily was incredibly personal to our core team and our entire agency. Not only were we given the opportunity to elevate an important global dialogue, we also marched alongside our Google clients at San Francisco Pride 2018—in solidarity with all LGBTQ+ families.