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Steering advertisers to Waze for Brands

Did you know that navigations to fast food restaurants spike in December, while trips to the gym jump in January? Wonder where Wazers drive before, during, and after the Super Bowl? Just how much do car fares to airports increase before and after Thanksgiving Day?

Our relationship with Waze began in 2016 when they just needed a copy collaborator for push notifications and emails for Waze Carpool, a new feature they were launching. After that, things quieted down—that is, until they recalculated their route back to Firewood for a new project: Waze for Brands.

To support Waze for Brands, Firewood created detailed presentations and a newsletter template design with content to demonstrate the value of Waze as an advertising platform. Using data and insights supplied by Waze, our creative team set about showing advertisers the power of Waze-generated data. Through sharp copy, on-brand graphics, and detailed data visualizations, we demonstrated how Waze data was much more than just a trove of interesting trivia and stats. It was an entirely new sales channel—and a rich, new category of consumer data to help inform advertiser campaigns.